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"The information I gained from Career Library was invaluable and played a big part in me securing my dream role. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a job; it's certainly the best investment I have ever made."

Sharon Haggerty - Team Leader

Career Library

Career Library


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Along with our expert led video resources, you will also have access to a wide range of informative articles, hints and tips, as well as downloadable material on topis such as:

  • Interview Skills
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  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Managing Finances
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We are regularly adding new resources and videos to our site, ensuring that your membership gives you the best value and most up to date information available.

"Practical advice from writing a CV to the actual interview process. It is broken down into small manageable stages that  ensure you can demonstrate the breadth and balance of your abilities to ultimately achieve success."

Ms. J. A. M. Tulloch - Actuary
"I am in local government and was moving role so needed to practice for the interview... I found it fascinatinglly useful. I went in with loads of confidence, and was offered the job straight after the interview."

Paul Lee - Local Government Officer


What's Included:
      Videos & Audio  Career Library
      207 Interview Techniques Career Library
     135 Interview Answers Career Library
     Top CV Secrets Career Library
     Boost Your Confidence Career Library
     Brilliant Public Speaking Career Library
     Surviving Redundancy Career Library
     Assessment Centres Career Library
     Graduate Interview Skills Career Library
     Executive Interview Skills Career Library
     Finding Your Purpose Career Library
     Leaving the Public Sector (works for changing any sector) Career Library
      What NOT to say at Interview  Career Library
     Changing Career Career Library
     Goal Setting Career Library
     Motivational Videos Career Library
     Redundancy Advice Career Library
     Voluntary Services Advice Career Library
     CV / Resume  
     CV Appraisal by an expert Career Library
     CV Word Selector Career Library
     CV Phrase Selector Career Library
     CV Templates Career Library
     Cover Letter Templates Career Library
     CV Builder (coming soon) Career Library
     Interview Research Tips Career Library
     Networking Career Library
     Online Job Seeking Tips Career Library
     Social Media Tips Career Library
     Recruiters viewpoint Career Library
     Body Language Career Library
     Competency Based Interviews Career Library
     Competency Based Examples Career Library
     Dress Code Advice Career Library
     Interview Answers Bonus Career Library
     Quick Start Guide Career Library
     Interview Turn-Offs Career Library
     Questions to Ask at Interview Career Library
     Salary Neqotiation Career Library
     Virtual Job Interviews (Skype etc) Career Library
     Downloads Career Library
     Quiz section Career Library
     Assessment Centres Career Library
     Inductive Reasoning Tests Career Library
     Verbal Reasoning Tests Career Library
     Numerical Reasoning Tests Career Library
     Psychometric Tests Advice Career Library
     Personality Profiler Career Library
     Alcohol Information Career Library
     Alkaline Diet Career Library
     Communication Career Library
     Depression Advice Career Library
     Exercise Career Library
     Hydration Career Library
     Meditation Career Library
     Panic Attacks Tips Career Library
     Stress Advice Career Library
     Breathing Exercises Career Library
     Advice Websites Career Library
     Benefits Career Library
     Budgeting Career Library
     Credit Cards & Loans Career Library
     Franchising Career Library
     Redundancy Money Career Library
     Savings Tips Career Library
     Starting a business Career Library
     Your Credit Score Career Library
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"Having attended a 3 day career transition workshop prior to leaving the Army I thought I was well clued up on interview techniques. However, I learned so much from repeatedly watching the films. I applied for a post as a student Health visitor (high competition) and I have been accepted! I was told I was one of the best candidates they had ever interviewed so thank you so much! I can''t wait to start the course and look forward to the challenge ahead. Thanks again. I have recommended you to many friends and family. "

Deborah Beaney - Student Health Visitor

I bought this the day before an important interview. There were 30 applicants for the job. Just got the news today that I got the job. Thanks again for a fab product. Would highly recommend.

Mrs Crawford - Office Manager

I was absolutely amazed at not just a couple of tips, but actual experts giving a vast amount of experience, advice and knowledge on interviews. I watched it a few times, then again on the day of each interview. It really gave me confidence to enter each interview more prepared than most people. I always struggle on tough questions and body language, but I went into the interviews looking and feeling confident. I used questions from the films that impressed them. The end result was 2 job offers, one of which I have accepted. I have already recommended it to other people. My boyfriend leaves the Armed Forces next year, so he and my two children will all be using it. Worth every penny - thanks to all the experts involved.

Sarah Knott - Teacher

Career Library not only helps you understand why employers ask certain questions, it also has tips on how to prepare and present yourself at an interview, what employers are looking for and what to bring with you to an interview. It was comforting to hear these tips coming from people who are recruiters, so knew what they are talking about. It also helped calm my pre-interview nerves.
This is a must buy DVD. I applied some of the tips during my first and second interview, and was told by the Agency I blew the competition out the way. I got the Job - Yay! Absolutely Brilliant.

Cece B. - Graduate Researcher


 This is invaluable for understanding what is important to interviewers and how to prepare. It flows through each step from deciding to change jobs, making the application, the interview, and negotiating the deal. Advice is freely given by experienced interviewers, company bosses, headhunters etc. - each adding their unique experience and perspective. The advice would work well for any level of job from £10,000 to £100,000.

I had not applied for a new job for 6 years and felt that things had moved on since I last used my old job interview books. I watched the DVD over and over and listened to the experts. Imagine the confidence of going into an interview when you know that you are well prepared with the latest advice. All the interviewers said that my preparation was immense, and they had never anything like it before - though I did not over-sell myself. I gained the new senior role that I wanted. Well recommended.

P. Traves - Manager

I bought this DVD for my wife. All through the interview things that she'd learnt off the DVDs kept popping into her mind, allowing her to give great answers to some tough questions! She has been bouncing round the living room ever since she heard she had been offered the job.

Tim Hodgson - Trainer

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