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    How to massively increase your confidence, overcome low self esteem, boost your health and energy levels. Tips and techniques for massively improving your focus, motivational videos, stress tips, uplifting quotes, and more…


    Learn how to conquer those public speaking skills and deliver your content in an engaging style. Whether you are required to present at an interview or a business meeting, you will learn to skills to become a confident speaker in no time.


    We are bringing out amazing new content every month to complement the 15 hours of video and range of fantastic articles, audio, video, downloads, and templates. Advice on careers, starting a business, franchising advice, and more…


    All of our video and audio can be viewed and listened to on any mobile device or smart phone including iPads and iPhones. View all our content whenever and wherever you are…


    Top interview answers, competency based interview tips and examples, research secrets, lists of great questions to ask, salary negotiation advice, virtual job interviews, downloads and more…


    Job search tools, how to find unadvertsised vacancies, networking tips, online job hunting secrets, using linkedIN to find a job, recruiters insights, Facebook tips, lists of the best job boards and more…


    Our team consist of the leading career experts, inlcuding best selling career authors, top CV experts, career and development coaches, blue chip employers, public speaking experts, redundancy lawyers and more…


    Get access to our forum where job seekers and employers will be sharing ideas, job news, advanced interview tips, unadvertised vacancies and more…

What customers are saying…


Watched the films, offered 4 interviews within one week, converted 3 into second interviews and 2 into job offers! I would call that a result!

Simon Matthews

I must say, I have never prepared as well for an interview and felt really confident on the day. I took advantage of the tips and put most of them into practice. After an hour of `grilling`, the Managing Director said “I am going to do something I don’t normally do and offer you the job because I have never met anyone like you”!! Needless to say I was over the moon and absolutely gobsmacked. The information I gained from the DVDs was invaluable and I am convinced it played a big part in me securing my dream role. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a job; it’s certainly the best investment I have ever made.

Sharon Haggerty – Team Leader

Having attended a 3 day career transition workshop prior to leaving the Army I thought I was well clued up on interview techniques. However, I learned so much from repeatedly watching the films and listening to the audio. I applied for a post as a student Health visitor (high competition) and I have been accepted! I was told I was one of the best candidates they had ever interviewed so thank you so much! I can”t wait to start the course and look forward to the challenge ahead. Thanks again. I have recommended you to many friends and family.

Deborah Beaney – Student Health Visitor

I joined the day before an important interview. There were 30 applicants for the job. Just got the news today that I got the job. Thanks again for a fab product. Would highly recommend.

Mrs Crawford – Office Manager

I was absolutely amazed at not just a couple of tips, but actual experts giving a vast amount of experience, advice and knowledge on interviews. I watched it a few times, then again on the day of each interview. It really gave me confidence to enter each interview more prepared than most people. I always struggle on tough questions and body language, but I went into the interviews looking and feeling confident. I had questions for the interviewers (from the DVD) that impressed them. The end result was 2 job offers, one of which I have accepted. I have already recommended it to other people. My boyfriend leaves the Armed Forces next year, so he and my two children will all be using it. Worth every penny – thanks to all the experts involved.

Glen H. Knott – Teacher

  • Instant online access via username and password. Practice anywhere 24/7.
  • Works on all smart phones including iPhones & iPads.
  • Take online simulations of real tests and also print PDF versions for use offline.
  • Practice questions and answers by watching actors delivering them on video.
  • Watch the videos as many times as you need until you are comfortable you are ready for your interviews.